Just Learning - Improv Team Coaching - Continued Improv training - Improvisation for the Actor

Just Learning

Abel Arias offers many different workshops for many age groups and skill levels. 

First Steps - 

This level is for those that have little to no improv experience or training. Learn the basics and get comfortable with improvisation. 

part 2 - 

As we continue the journey into improvisation, focus on character work and story will be emphasized while understanding our strengths and weaknesses and building upon them. 

...to be continued -

this workshop will continue to combine principles from the previous levels. Students will continue to develop their skills and be constantly working on improvised scenes. 

Have an improv team?

Coaching sessions are available. We will discuss group goals and cater coaching sessions to strengthening group mind and being comfortable with all aspects of performance. 

Continued Training

This workshop is for those that have had previous improv training and are looking to further their training and learn a unique approach to improvisation. 

Improvisation for the Actor

These workshops will use improvisation principles to hone acting technique. Actors will be given scenes as well as bring in their own to work on. 


A little info about the instructor:

Abel Arias has been teaching many levels of improvisers since 2010. He has been teaching acting in different capacities since 2003. He currently teaches at The American Academy of Dramatic Art and CSz Los Angeles. 

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